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Many years ago I briefly met Arianna Huffington at a book signing in San Francisco. I was with my business partner at the time, Anna Marie Etcheverria. If you haven’t read the story, you can read it about it in “Arianna Huffington asked for by Business Card” and “How I became a HuffPost Blogger“.

Photo of Arianna Huffington at a book signing
Arianna Huffington at book signing in San Francisco (photo credit: AM Etcheverria)

Long story short, at the end of our conversation she asked for my business card so that someone could reach out to me about writing a blog post.

Celebrating Passion and Purpose” was the first post I wrote, prompted by the conversation I had with Arianna during her “Thrive” book signing. We spoke briefly about worklife balance, and in particular the impact on women’s careers. This highly personal post shares the unexpected way motherhood shaped my own career. It also digs in to why I was so passionate about starting Duncan+Coleverria and creating Flipside Workspace.

The follow-up to that post was “Learning to Let Go“. This post shares the messiness and uncomfortableness Type A personalities feel when trying to “let it go”, metaphorically and literally. In the end, however, is the realization that letting go is what builds that inner trust in ourselves.

Warning: the age of these posts (almost 10 years!) means the formatting is pretty messed up. I still like the sentiments though.

I didn’t have much time for being a HuffPost blogger after these two posts, but it was a thrill while it lasted!

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