What is an Alternative Workstyle?

We don’t all work a traditional 9-5.  Some of us work outside that umbrella of traditional office hours in the typical space of a well-appointed office building.  We are remote workers, we are contract employees and independent consultants, and we work our own hours.  We work in an Alternative Workstyle.

About Lisa L. Duncan


“I became passionate about the  alternative workstyle when it became clear that the two general options available: either work in an office, or work from home – no longer suited my personal nor my professional needs.  Rather than conform to an outdated workplace for my consulting work, my business partner and I set out to create our own workplace.  A place that gives us the flexibility to meet our geographically-dispersed clients and project teams, the ability to seamless flow between collaborative and concentrated work efforts, and the psychological benefits of ‘heading into’ and ‘leaving’ the office each day.

The experience of creating Flipside Workspace, from just a kernel of an idea to a real online collaborative workspace, has been a tremendous highlight of my career thus far.  The insights and knowledge gained from this entrepreneurial venture is something unique that I carry with me as a consultant.”

Lisa is an entrepreneur, marketing mentor, and small business strategist. She blogs about what it’s like to work in a non-traditional work environment, the challenges facing remote workers, and her observations about being a woman entrepreneur. She is currently working on her second startup, Heirloom Explorer. She holds an undergraduate dual degree in Marketing and Advertising from Syracuse University, and a Masters in Business Administration from Sacramento State University.