How I Became a HuffPost Blogger

Meeting Arianna Huffington

Meeting Arianna Huffington

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is you never really know what it is going to happen from one day to the next. (It’s also one of the worst. But let’s focus on it being the best for now.)

A few weeks ago I shared how Arianna Huffington Asked For My Business Card. In case you missed it, here’s the short version.

My fabulous business partner, Anna Marie Etcheverria, is a speaker series junkie. For my birthday this year, she invited me to listen to Arianna speak about her new book Thrive. We got there early, sat front and center, and were just plain giddy throughout the speech. Our purpose and mission with Duncan+Coleverria, and our telework tool, Flipside Workspace, are very much in alignment with her message of Thrive.  We just felt over-the-moon inspired.

We hung around for a bit, sipped bad coffee, and ended up purchasing her book. It was getting late, the traffic in San Francisco was building, and the book signing line was long. We started to talk about skipping the signing, happy and satisfied with our full feelings of inspiration.

Then Anna Marie said, “Oh come on, what’s another half hour…you never know what can happen.”

Screech…..”You never know what can happen.”

We stuck around, more mindful of the moment we were in.

We ended up chit-chatting with Arianna, which led to her asking for my business card, which led to a follow-up email exchange in which Arianna asked me to submit a post to her editor. (Oh yes, that email is permanently saved!)

The result was my very first Huff Post Blog post, Celebrating Passion and Purpose. This highly personal post explains my motivation for starting Duncan+Coleverria and creating Flipside Workspace.

This surreal experience taught me one very valuable lesson. (And no, Anna Marie, it wasn’t “Anna Marie is always right”, although I am big enough to admit you were very right in this case.)

This experience taught me opportunities really are everywhere: it’s up to you to seize them.

What opportunities are you seizing today?

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