Daring To Be Architects Of A Changing Workplace


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When my cofounder and I set out to create a better way to work, the idea of labeling ourselves kept smacking us in the face.  We reluctantly conformed.

I became CEO, she became President.  How we really saw each other was she was the right brain, I was the left.  Together, we set out to create a better way to work with the often conflicting demands of today’s workforce.

When we realized we were onto something, and recognized we needed guidance in navigating the building of a sustainable business, we reluctantly called ourselves entrepreneurs, and our business a start-up.

How we really saw our business was a mission that could not fail.  There was no start, there was no end, it just… was.  Our goal was to create a societal change that would be critical to sustaining women and men as productive members of the workforce, despite the ebbs and flows of life.  To create a way to work with the rapidly changing societal, educational, geographic, and economic demands that are facing today’s workforce, rather than against.

Our mission was to change how we view the way we work, because we saw the brick wall that is an unacceptable reality for the next workforce if we do not change.

When we had to check the “what type of business are you?” box, we struggled to find the right place to put ourselves.  We could check nothing.  We could check everything.  How do you label change?

And then I read Maria Shriver’s recent blog Building a Life.

We found our label, and it felt good.  It felt right.

We are Architects of a Changing Workplace.  We are on a journey to build a better life by creating a more effective workplace for the way we live today.

How are you an Architect of Change?

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