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If you could reinvent how you work, what would it look like?

As teleworking consultants who work with geographically dispersed clients, we needed to figure out how we could spend more time consulting, and less time and money traveling and commuting to our client’s offices.

Essentially, we needed to reinvent how we work, so we built Flipside Workspace, our online virtual workspace.  But this is was more than a workspace, it was a business district. What’s even better, Flipside Workspace was built by teleworkers, for teleworkers – so got what’s missing about working in a real office.

In 2010, we officially moved our Duncan+Coleverria office to Flipside Workspace, and worked exclusively in this virtual environment for five years.   We used our own experience working in Flipside Workspace, and what we learned from our participation in an intensive start-up accelerator program, to refine this collaborative workspace.  In 2013 we opened this space to other consultants, teleworkers, and businesses.

In 2017 we made the difficult decision to close-down Flipside Workspace in order to focus more on our marketing and communications clients through Duncan+Coleverria. You can learn more about Flipside Workspace at

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