Congratulations to my partner, The Awkward Gawker (aka @etch_inFlipside) who celebrates 10 years as a Teleworker! Here’s her post on her journey.

The Awkward Gawker

This month I’m celebrating my 10-year anniversary as an official teleworker.

How time has flown… and changed… since then.

When I officially moved to my home office it was because I wanted to be my own boss, diversify my work, and have some flexibility. Most importantly, I wanted to be in control of everything: my career path, my time, and ultimately my life.

I’m not gonna’ lie, it was an adjustment that took about a year (or two?) to adapt to, and even then things weren’t quite right. Yes, there are people who are well suited for remote working, who transition into it seamlessly; but, like anything, this requires great planning and organization. There are then, of course, those who aren’t as thoughtful of the planning process, who learn the “rules” as they go.

The latter happens to best describe me.  In fact, particularly in the beginning, I worked directly in…

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