Golden Rules of Twitter

One of the best parts about working in an Alternative Workstyle is the freedom to try out new things. While twitter has been around for awhile, it’s fairly new to me. I have a storied history with Twitter. I hated it, then loved it, then hated it, now love it again.

All I’ve learned about Twitter I’ve learned from Tweets.

In my quest to figure it out…and by no means do I mean to imply I’ve figured it out….I have learned some helpful things along the way. I’ve assembled these tips into a “cheat sheet” using the acronym “TWITTER”.  I call it my Golden Rules of Twitter.

I thought it might be fun to source my inspiration for these rules, since I learned from their tweets. So here is my source list, some with post links, to the rules I follow on Twitter.

T       W       I       T       T       E       R

Take it for what it is: To me, this is most important. @fondalo frames this very nicely in this post.

Write Short Tweets (less than 110) because how else can they be retweeted? @don_crowther explains the idea in here in a very mathematical way.

Inspire People: Even though I’ve never met him, I feel like @gregnazvanov is my personal cheerleader. His motivational tweets always seem to hit just the right note of inspiration and motivation.

Teach More: Make content useful to others: @leadershipfreak was probably the first person I followed where the lightbulb went off on how addictive tweets are from people who can teach you new skills. I have learned lots from his consistent posts on leadership and have seen the value in Twitter being a teaching platform. If you are consistently a great teacher to your followers, they will keep coming back. I follow hashtags for areas in areas where I specifically want to learn from tweeters. #social media, #leadership are ones where I’m learning lots. #worklife, #telework are hashtags I use to teach what I know.

Talk Less (about yourself and/or your brand): @tedcoine tweets a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tweet promoting himself or what he does. I’ve never met him, so can’t speak to his qualifications, but his consistent tweets about business do more to perpetuate his qualifications than anything he could actually say about himself.

Engage in Conversations and Entertain: @kimgarst is a master at this one, and showed me the value of sincere interactions. Even her name is always giving her followers a smile. @Etch_inFlipside has a beautiful ability to take a boring tweet up a notch, and make me crack up at the same time.

Relax, Read other tweets, and Retweet

There, you have my rules, how do they compare to yours? Share your thoughts, share this post, and happy tweeting.

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