Do You Think Picasso had an Elevator Pitch for “Guernica”?

I would’ve loved to have Picasso’s pitch….”so I’m going to take this head and put it over here….and then I’m going to have this eye/light bulb thing… and it will be a symbol of hope….” Thanks Awkward Gawker for a fun look at Elevator Pitches!

The Awkward Gawker

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

So true, but it depends how close you are with it.

Our “picture” is Flipside Workspace. In my [unbiased] opinion, Flipside is poetry in motion.

A thousand words?  Ha! Try a million.

I’ve been asked a gazillion times to describe Flipside Workspace, with the expectation that I can do this in 2 minutes or less. If the average number of words per speaking minute is 120, that’s 240 words.  But I have a million.  Math isn’t my greatest skill, but I do recognize there’s a huge difference.

Out of frustration, I have to ask myself: Do you think Picasso had an “elevator pitch” for “Guernica“?!

If he did, kudos to him.  What his masterpiece stands for, the emotion it evokes, the impact it ultimately had around the world –  how does one do that?!

Finding the right words has truly been…

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