It’s amazing how we can find lessons everywhere, even when buying rubber gloves!

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It was meant to be a quick, painless trip to the local drugstore – all I needed were a pair of dishwashing gloves.

Quickly perusing the aisles I hear banter between two employees… and begin listening.

Employee 1: “Oh my gawd.  Is THIS the kind of music they play here all the time?”

Employee 2: “Well, depending on the clientele.  In some stores they play hip hop, other stores play big band.”

Employee 1: “Oh. This is going to drive me nuts.”

Employee 2: “It’s not that bad.  You’ll get used to it.”

Me: [silently] REALLY?! Oh dear. I need to get out of here. Where are the gloves?

Employee 1: “You know what keeps me going?  50’s music.”

Employee 2: “Really?”

Employee 1: “Yeah.  It drives me nuts.  It’s so boring.”

Me: [silently] For the love of gawd.  WHERE ARE THE…

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  1. Brian Dixon says:

    That was a funny but relevant article. The music could apply to elevators also!


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